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Speed Affiliate Framework – 3 Steps To Generate Affiliate Commissions Online

Why My 3 Businesses Fail To Make Consistent Affiliate Commissions Online?

Before you read to the main topic of this post, I want to share why all my 3 businesses which I build for the past 10 years failed to make consistent affiliate commissions online.

This is What I Have Built For The Past 10 Years

  1. A Product Line of Digital Products I have created – Speed Profit Code, Speed Affiliate Code, Speed Traffic Domination, Speed Affiliate Ultimatum, Tube Hero YouTube Research Software, Tube Hero Masterclass Membership Site
  2. I have a list of 5000 subscribers and a list of 2000 buyers list
  3. I have segmented 3 different lists and wrote emails copies that generate affiliate commissions
  4. I have sales funnel created using Click Funnels and landing pages are converting well at 50% opt in rate
  5. I have a list of JV Partners and marketers that I can work with to grow my business

The Earth Shattering Question – Why Does My Business Stop Growing And Stopped Generating Affiliate Commissions?

Reason: I don't have a Solid Traffic System

It didn't even occurred to me that I need a blog to drive traffic.

I thought I just buy solo ads and adswaps and doing product launches to build my list.

One thing I didn't anticipate is what happens when I stopped buying solo ads and adswaps and stopped doing product launches?

It never crossed my mind till one day my businesses stopped making money.

Writing afterall is not my cup of tea and unfortunately in this online marketing world, traffic is the lifeblood of any online business.

Without traffic, it's as good as a deadend.

It's a simple reason but simple enough to prevent my business from stop growing.

Which took me some time to figure it out.

And of course, it not only about creating a blog.

Creating EPIC content is the next step.

Facebook traffic is all about people and is about providing their users the best user experience.

The main objective of your marketing campaign should be focusing on providing an excellent user experience when they first step into your blog.

For all my 3 businesses, I got my subscribers from selling my products and services and I have done nothing to build a list.

I got my list from buying solo ads and adswaps so I have no idea what it means to be writing a blog post and driving traffic using Facebook Ads.

That's when I figured out that I needed a digital Real Estate, which is a blog and writing awesome content to advertise this piece of masterpiece to the World to build a list of subscribers.

So my business will continue to grow and prosper again.

Once you understand my Speed Affiliate Framework, you will soon realised how powerful it is to own that one blog with that masterpiece content.

3 Steps To Start Generating Affiliate Commissions

STEP 1: Create a blog

STEP 2: Create your Email Marketing System

STEP 3: Drive Traffic to your Blog

STEP 1: Create Your Blog

It's actually pretty obvious right, you need a blog to grab the attention of your target audience.

That means using the power of persuasive writing to help people to identify their problems and outline the solutions for them.

Writing actually takes a lot more than that.

Have you watched the latest movie that rock the entire World?

Right. The Avengers End Game.

Though it's a movie, the whole writing and plotting takes a freaking amount creativity and hard work to build up the characters, to keep the audience engaged and hype all the way to the end of the show.

Many might not be very satisfied with that ending, most have to stick to what the Director wants it to be.

So think about for a moment.

How do you actually write in a way that spins your audience around and writes a freaking good story to keep them engaged from top to bottom in your writing?

Your first contact with your target audience is your blog post.

They visit your blog, they don't like it and they leave.

Your job as an Affiliate Marketer is to write EPIC content with Actionable Ideas to keep them engaged all the way to the end so you are able to capture that one thing you soak after the most – The Facebook Retargeting Pixel.

I will explain that in STEP 3 later.

The blog is the one asset you must have to display your talents and prove your worth that earns the respect of intelligent readers.

Because of the advance technologies we have and the state of the art programming, you can simply setup your blog with your chosen domain and hosting in just 5 mins.

You can literally have a website of your own going Live in just 5 mins.

STEP 2: Create your Email Marketing System

Now the readers love you and wants to hear more from you but you don't have system to collect their contact info to follow up with them.

That would be a waste isn't it?

With the super state of the art technologies and softwares that we have created in this modern age, it's super easy to create a system to collect the leads.

All you need is an Auto Responder and a Web Based Software to create the opt in form.

You take so much effort to get people to your blog but you don't have a system to collect the leads, it's as good as throwing money into the drain.

After collecting their information like their name and email address, it's time to do some contacting.

Usually we would just follow up with just emails.

But people needs a connection with you.

In order to make people feel connected with you, you must first establish first communication with them.

Emailing is not communicating.

Communicating means interaction.

Interaction means Real Time feedback on whatever questions your subscribers will be asking.

Then that is communication.

Communication is the foundation and basis for building trust.

To build a good relationship with your list, you gonna create a medium like a platform, for example Facebook Group, where they can meet you and discuss about the same things whatever niche you are in.

When people feel connected with you, they get to be familiarised with you.

They will treat you like a friend and listens to whatever that you have to say.

Following up is not just sending emails to your subscribers telling them about the latest promotion or products or services.

It's not doing justice to the subscribers.

You gonna communicate with them, connect with them and create a safe place for them to discuss whatever they want.

Then you answer those questions with your expertise.

Remember, you are a Marketer not a Salesperson. 

Your job is not about selling products and services.

Your role as a Marketer is to make selling superfluous.

Peter Drucker said:

There will always, one can assume, be need for some selling. But the aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself. Ideally, marketing should result in a customer who is ready to buy. All that should be needed then is to make the product or service available.

Marketing is all about your ability to create value that will benefit others and help others to achieve a desired result.

Using both emails and a closed group to create value in your community will make selling invisible to your target audience.

They will view you as someone who knows what they are doing and is trying to help.

STEP 3: Driving Traffic Using Facebook Ads

Remember in STEP 1, I mentioned about the retargeting pixel?

That would be used for creating a retargeting campaign.

What's a retargeting campaign?

It's actually creating a campaign for people who have visited your blog for the past 7 days.

Since they didn't subscribe to your email list, we are trying the second time or the third time, however many times you want to show them other types of ads to help them make their decision to sign up.

The best part of a retargeting campaign is that it's actually alot cheaper than an creating a brand new campaign spending hundreds of dollars, wasting money and not taking the opportunity to take the second try.

It's something like perfecting your aim with a M16 Rifle.

When the first time, you aim through the scope or the bullseye and shoot at the center of the target.

It hits to the bottom left.

So you begin to do some adjustments to the scope or bullseye and making it more accurate.

Then you shoot again and it landed close to the center of the target.

You adjust the third and you began to start shooting at the center of the target.

BAM! You shot the center of the target and now your weapon is perfectly fine tuned.

Running a retargeting campaign is something like that.

You don't aim for the target, for the perfect shot the first time round.

You gather all the people who have visited your blog for more than 30 secs and retarget them again the second time and the third to make sure everyone signs up to your list.

You do it for just 3 tries.

That's how you do it to get cheap traffic and more subscribers to your list.

So up to recently, I just created a system and I called it The Speed Affiliate Framework.

What's The Speed Affiliate Framework?

The Speed Affiliate Framework involves setting up your blog, creating your email marketing system and start getting targeted traffic to your blog building a list of subscribers.

There are software that makes things so simple to just copy and paste the code onto your blog to collect the emails of your visitors.

The most wonderful thing about it is that it's all web based.

Everything can be done any place, anywhere, on any computers as long as you have an internet connection.

It's like a walk in the park.

All you need to learn on being an Affiliate Marketer is learn how to write.

Writing will be your Game, it will be your Baby.

Not just normal writing.

But writing to communicate, writing to provide value and writing to keep people engaged and wanted to know more.

If you can't communicate, you can't write.

Ultimately, the people that are reading your blog posts, emails and your articles are real people.

The Ultimate Goal in Speed Affiliate Framework is Building a list of Targeted subscribers.

Your list is your Asset if you target the right people.

If you bring the most qualified people to sign up to your list.

You don't get everyone on your list.

You don't want every Tom, Dixon and Harry to join your list.


You want serious people who are concerned about their well being and actively looking for a solution to solve their problems.

You can joined any affiliate programs you want and copy and paste your affiliate links on your blog, on your website, on your Facebook page, YouTube page and everywhere you can think of to make affiliate commissions.

The Question is would people automatically click onto the affiliate link and buy the products you promote?

You create a YouTube video and says that the product is good and many friends have used it and have results and click the link below to check it out.

Do you think it would work?

The Speed Affiliate Framework is a system whereby you do the work, you do the research and find out where do your ideal customers usually hang out in which social media platform and which groups they joined.

Then You create a funnel to bring them into your list.

When you bring this people into your list, treat them, each one of them as a real person, as your neighbour.

Encourage them to interact with you, start a conversation.

You can create a closed group on Facebook and send invites to the people on your list .

The reason why it was closed group is you want to make sure every single one of them has signed up to your list.

If they haven't, makes sure they sign up first before joining your list.

It will be like a community, a support group that you share ideas with them, answers their questions and recommend them a product or service that can help solve their problems.

Be that person who love to help out in the community.

The person that everybody loves to connect with you.

When that happens, they will be sharing it with their friends.

That's how viral marketing works. Sharing is caring.

The most difficult step would be the start.

How do you get all this people onto your list?

There are free ways to do but that takes most of your free time by building a foundation, building a credibility and reputation first in the community aka social media networks.

Be it Quora or Reddit, you just have to prove your worth to this group of people. Join their discussion, answers their questions.

Ask questions and write a very good article and link it to your blog which directs them to sign up to your list.

But I prefer Paid Traffic, paid advertising using Facebook ads which is the fastest way to get targeted traffic.

Speed Affiliate Framework emphasises alot about speed, getting things up to speed as time is money and you want to get results fast, you need speed.

You can choose to take all the time in the World to do it.

The Question is do you really want to take your time?

Considering so many factors in place, like paying for your bills, loans and expenses.

Life can be quite demanding when we are trying our best to meet high expectations of our own and others.

Are you ready to take a step further and start taking action?

Click HERE to download my Speed Affiliate Guide and Checklist to get started quickly at Warp Speed!